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Drop Off & Pick Up Zone

​The passenger pickup zone/2 minute zone allows for quick pick up of children during congested peak school ‘let out’ times. It is vital that parents/carers do not leave their car unattended to drop or collect their child/ren from their classes.  

Our staff is out the front both morning and afternoon to assist with a smooth transition through this area for all.  I understand that this zone can be very frustrating at times but I ask that you please continue to respect the wonderful staff who are there simply to ensure the safety of our students.  
How to use the Drop off and Pick up zone

· Vehicles move slowly along the loading zone towards the front of the queue

· Children see the vehicle and are ready to get in

· Motorists ‘give each other a fair go’

· If your child is not there then you move to the front of the line and can stay there in your vehicle for a maximum of two minutes before you are required to move off and park or go around the block and re-enter the line. 


· Do not stop for more than two minutes

· Do not park in the zone and walk away from the car


· You can get out of the vehicle only to assist the children to load bags

· Never double park to pick up children – it is illegal and dangerous.

The Staff carpark

Please do not use either of the staff car parks to pick up and drop off your child. This is an unsupervised area and we have already had a couple of near misses this year. It is a narrow area. All foot traffic through the car park should be on the footpaths provided – not between the cars.