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Data Notebooks



At Musgrave Hill State School we believe that self-monitoring and self-reflection is the most powerful tool to enhance students learning outcomes. 

The Data Notebook was developed especially for students at our school. It is a book that stays at school with students all year and is used every day.

Data Notebooks were developed as a result of research which found that Self- evaluation is more powerful than teacher feedback. This means that students are the most powerful contributor to improving their learning results.

Students at Musgrave Hill need to be involved in managing their learning, monitoring their learning & reflecting upon their learning. They also need to be KEY DECISION makers in setting goals to improve their own learning.

The Data Notebook is the tool that Musgrave Hill students use to self-evaluate. This encourages them to   become motivated and to produce work that is of a high standard.  Using the Data Notebook allows students to become actively involved in setting goals & targets around their own learning which empowers them to understand and talk about:

             Where they are going 

             How they are going and 

             Where they need to go next  

There are three different types of data:

1.            Academic Data 

2.            Learning Behaviour Data 

3.            Personal Development Data

In Term 1, all year levels complete a Technology unit planned around the data notebook.

In Term 2, all students host an ‘On Track Chat’ with their classroom teacher and their parent/s or guardian/s.  The Data Notebook is the key resource to support this 3 way discussion about the student’s learning.