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Subjects and programs

Our Teachers are experienced with meeting a diverse range of children’s needs and they spend a considerable amount of time planning to ensure that their programs are differentiated for all learners across the curriculum.

Information and Communications Technology is a large focus in our school and we are striving to increase our use of mobile technologies such as iPads and iPods to enhance student learning. Teachers are proficient in using items such as interactive whiteboards to assist in providing an engaging classroom environment.

At MHSS we are aiming to develop students who are independent life-long learners who are able to negotiate personal learning goals and work with teachers to achieve these goals. Classroom teachers and Specialist Support teachers collaborate to provide strong learning pathways for students.

Our teachers plan and structure their teaching to provide explicit learning opportunities that are scaffolded according to students personalised learning needs. We acknowledge that a structured approach and explicit instruction are essential in delivering a challenging curriculum, which in turn, encourages students to engage with learning.

We are committed to connecting with key community organisations who complement our work in developing independent and successful learners. This connection develops a sense of community and pride in the students and develops effective, authentic partnerships.

We are committed to building success for students by developing their proficiency in literacy and numeracy and establishing their confidence and knowledge to use their skills in a wide range of settings and applications

Our use of ICT and e-Learning tools will encourage and enhance personalised learning and enable our students to be life-long learners of the 21st century.

  • Data Notebooks

    Data Notebooks

    The Data Notebook was developed especially for students at our school. It is a book that stays at school with students all year and is used every day.

  • Early Childhood Developmental Program

    Early Childhood Developmental Program

    Musgrave Hill State School Early Childhood Developmental Program is a special education program supporting students up to Prep age.

  • eLearning


    iPads are used as a learning device across the school, with both school-owned and Personally Owned Devices. Their use is embedded within the curriculum across many learning areas.

  • Special Education Program

    Special Education Program

    Children eligible for support under the Education Adjustment Program must have been diagnosed/verified Intellectually Impaired, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Speech Language Impaired, Physically Impaired, Vision Impaired and/or Hearing Impaired.